At O’leams Oilfield Services, We provide high-quality Cabloc telecommunication tower solutions. We specialize in telecommunications installation with self-supporting towers that offer a universal free-standing solution. When it comes to installation at the top of mobile phone towers, 3M has a  number of closure solutions that not only help to mitigate against the elements, they also look to help speed up the installation process, resulting in considerable savings on labor and operating expenses, as well as minimizing the requirement for ongoing maintenance. Our tower solutions include reliable weatherproofing and cable management technologies.


Protecta Cabloc Vertical Lifeline Complete Kit AC3000. AVAILABLE IN 3 CABLE LENGTHS ALSO KIT AVAILABLE WITHOUT CABLE: 10M, 20M, 30M.

  • Complete vertical lifeline solution in a kit – 30m system
  • Ideal for providing safe access on fixed ladders, tower heads, poles, lighting towers, chimneys, and many other structures
  • Cabloc fall arrest device (includes karabiner for harness connection) easily connects/disconnects at any point on the safety line by removing the karabiner
  • This device automatically follows your climb/descent without obstruction – provides complete hands-free and smooth operation
  • Cabloc device locks onto the cable in the event of a fall (preventing and arresting a fall within 300mm)
  • Includes pre-tension indicator disk to ensure correct safety line tension
  • Corrosion-resistant construction – all stainless steel components
  • Easy to install (includes full comprehensive instruction manual)
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards

The PROTECTA Cabloc Vertical Lifeline Kit is a complete engineered guided fall arrest system. In addition, it is designed for vertical use only and prevents accidental falls when climbing or descending fixed ladders. Dependent on the kit selected, systems can be constructed to suit ladders ranging from 1-30 meters. Kits are available in 10, 20, and 30 meters.

This system utilizes the Cabloc fall arrest device that attaches to the cable of the installed system and connects to the frontal fall arrest rated D-ring of the user’s harness via carabiner (included in the kit). A PROTECTA AB108AU ladder access harness with front and rear fall arrest rated D-rings is recommended for use with this kit. Furthermore, The Cabloc device travels freely along the cable when attached to the ladder or a pole via the system. In event of a fall, the fall arrest grips the cable and locks down, automatically arresting the fall within 300mm.

The Cabloc kit offers peace of mind and complete hands-free operation enabling the user to climb or descend unhindered whilst connected to a fall arrest system at all times. Top of Form


                  PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

  • Certified to EN353-1:2002 and conforms to CNB11-73.
  • Sleeve automatically follows user for hands-free climbing and fall protection
  • Light weight traveler which sits in the palm of your hand.
  • Stainless steel construction ideal for marine environments