Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Services

O’leams provide you with top-of-the-line fall arrest and fall protection services. Our fall protection professionals can train your team at your location on safe height execution. Our skilled technicians administer personal protective equipment (PPE) workshops designed around your specific requirements. Fall protection equipment must be inspected before each use. To ensure that your fall protection meets safety and compliance regulation requirements, our inspection services include comprehensive testing and inspection of all your fall protection gear.

O’leams also trains users on how to visually check equipment for signs of wear and tear before use. Futhermore, our custom engineered fall protection systems offer the industry’s largest array of fall arrest equipment from 3M Fall protection, all manufactured with the highest quality materials to deliver safety, comfort and ease of use. O’leams gathers applicable information to assess your site and your workers’ needs. By gathering this information, our experts can determine what fall arrest equipment is needed for your particular site.