Fall Protection System Kit

When you’re out on the roof of a residential or commercial structure, a building construction site or performing industrial plant maintenance, your fall protection  system kits need specialized components to keep you safe.

Our easy-to-use fall protection kits and anchorage devices provide the perfect solution and are legendary for their comfort, flexibility, durability and reliability. Each kit offers a complete set-up for convenient fall arrest compliance and safety on the job.​ Request Quote

 Construction Kit

This construction kit is perfectly suited for maintenance, intervention on framework, or used during roofing work. With its AB113 harness, complete with two anchorage points, one sternal and dorsal,the AA095 kit can be used on flat or inclined roofs. All PPE included in this kit complies with European standard.


 Metal Construction Kit

In addition, the AA410 fall arrest kit is particularly designed for protection against falls from a height during steel construction work. TheAM450/80 sewn loop is multi-functional and allows an anchorage to be made on any type of structure. The AE522 fall arrest lanyard will protect the user,even from a factor 2 fall.

 Industrial Maintenance Kit

Ideal for isolated and localized operations. The kit comprises a sewn loop (as a multi-functional anchorage point), an Autobloc to guarantee rapid and gentle fall arrest. It also has a light weight and comfortable PRO 100 harness.